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Vintage Update


From the Winemaker, Pete Bartle

What appears to have been a challenging growing season for viticulturists looks to have been to the benefit of the wines being produced.

A very dry, cool and windy start to the growing season lead to average flowering conditions in late spring and tough conditions for grape vines. December warmed up before a cool January and one of the hottest Februaries we have experienced. March was warm but with higher than average rainfall.

All this produced some exceptional fruit. The fruit had a wide variety of bunch and berry size with average bunch weights of 109 grams. There were a large number of seeds per berry and the skins were a little chewier and more tannic than normal. The fruit reached optimum ripeness around the same date as most years but with lower sugar levels than average.

The fruit arrived into the winery in perfect condition and fermented to dryness without any problems. The wines were fermented on skins up to three weeks before pressing to barrel where they are sitting now.

The early wines look very good and promising at this early stage. They have ample colour, nice tannin levels and lovely dark fruit with plenty of florals. May 2016

From the Viticulturalist, Roger Gibson

The season had its usual challenges, with early frosts and even a late one (January 3rd!!). The weather wasn't fantastic in the fruit set period in December resulting in average volumes. Most of the summer was extremely dry, but with our deep soils and ability to manage the irrigation we were able to fine tune the management of the crop and the dry season made management for disease very easy.

This year we harvested 20 tonnes our second largest vintage ever.

All in all an exceptionally good season and we have high expectations that the wine will be one of our best yet. May 2016


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